Coonhound Paralysis

This blog talks about our experience when Goya (our 150lb English Mastiff) came down with coonhound paralysis (also called acute idiopathic polyradiculoneuritis).

Monday, July 09, 2012

Short note about this blog

Bonnie and I recently moved to Manhattan. We have a great apartment, and take our 3 dogs for a walk in Central park 3 times a day. We now have 2 mastiffs, and an English setter. The first walk of the day and the last walk is when dogs can be off lead. The setter loves that part, and runs all around us easily getting more exercise than she got in Pittsburgh. One mastiff we got from rescue, is about 5 years old, and is a little slow. The other mastiff is Bonnie's mid-life puppy, and is about 2 years old. They stay on lead all the time.

Our dogs get lots of interest, and they are often photographed as NYC points of interest. One of the people we were talking to, mentioned that one of her dogs liked to chase raccoons on Long Island where she spent the week as a vet tech. This dog caught a strange disease that her vet had only heard about in Veterinary school. Bonnie and I both said coonhound paralysis? Yes it was, and she was fairly certain that she had read this blog and found it both useful and inspiring. Her vet didn't know what to do. He had never seen a case. He thought she had learned more from this blog and other internet sources than he knew.

The key point for me is this interaction was evidence that this blog is still serving it's purpose. It is giving people hope, and providing them with ideas on how to handle this illness. It was great to run into someone that actually had read the blog and found it useful.